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Flare Copter was Born in Orange County, CA.  The LED Copter has been around for a year or so and we took the current copter model and made it a Super Flying LED Toy.  The cheap versions have wings that break almost instantly and the ones that make noise with a bulky tip break too easily.  We like happy customers so, we sourced a material that wouldn’t break, wouldn’t smash or crush easily and would float the longest in the sky.  We changed the LED to the Brightest available and upgraded the batteries.

Flare Copter starts to acquire Nationwide Vendors that spread the Love to the masses.  We continue to make the Original Flare Copter the best led slingshot copter.  With hours of research and development we engineered wing angles that made the float time increase by over 20%!  Any LED copter on the market with a straight fold line at the top came directly from our lead:)  At the time we believed this created the wings to slow slightly while spinning in the night sky.  It was good for a while but, we found the copter to be slightly unstable, breaking the glow of a precise and even rotation.

Flare Copter secures spots in nationwide Fairs and Festivals and attracts attention from experienced “Pitch Men”.  The knock off versions start to show up!  At this time a brand called Flash Copter appears online.  One of our vendors called in and asked if they were our “sister brand” since their website was a complete copy of ours.  We found that the owners of Flash Copter at the time had Copied and Pasted the Flare Copter website almost exactly!  They even had copied our instruction sheet to the “T” copyrighted material and all!  We knew we had to step up our game.  By the end of 2013 we had 3 new awesome wing designs that boosted vendor sales.

The Original Flare Copter was the first to be offered a partnership in patenting a new design of led copter that makes a short chirp sound or a very low firework scream sound when launched. We passed on this opportunity as only inventors of a patent pending product are able to file for a patent in the U.S..

The Original Flare Copter was the first to sell the chirping, noise maker of a copter in the U.S. before it was offered to another. Our factory in China created this toy and wanted us to apply for a patent so that we could claim all rights to it in the U.S.. We turned down this opportunity as we did not want to purger ourselves and lie to the patent office and public in seeking a patent for something we did not invent!

The led copter we’re referring to was eventually patented by a competitor of ours out of Miami, FL and is embodied in Patent 9279646. We understand this may have hurt our opportunity in the market to seize a patent opportunity for future sales but, we stand firm in our honesty and integrity to not lie or cheat to get ahead. Don’t you think we’ve had enough lying and cheating in business….  As we know this kind of behavior won’t stop, we can do our part to make the world a better and more honest place to do business.

Flare Copter is Rocking!!!  We have vendors on the streets, in fairs and festivals around the world.  New York Manhattan area is kicking butt and making huge $ every night.  We expand into the POS Display model and are distributing to Toy Stores across the U.S. and in Europe. Oh, that Flash Copter brand, We own that now…

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